Global Medical Alliance

GMA is a global integrated medical ecosystem service platform based on blockchain technology

White Paper

Welcome to GMA

Global Medical Alliance, GMA is a distributed medical ecosystem service platform based on blockchaintechnology.GMA leverages blockchain technology and a pass-through economy modelto achieve a highly available, secure and efficient global integrated medical information service platform

You can use GMA TOKEN and get services on a global scale

Manage health with blockchain

GMA uses blockchain technology to integrate personal health data and genetic testing data into a blockchain network to forma unique medical file. Through multiple encryption technologies toensure data security, users truly own and control personal information.When needed, they can be licensed to hospitals or clinics to help them provide more sophisticated and personalized health advice, medication guidance and diagnostic treatment services.

Medical data transaction on the chain

In the GMA ecosystem, blockchain technology can fundamentally solve the problem of data quality, and greatly increase the data inventory through healthy incentives and the CIS model,while returning the benefits of the data to the data provider. So more and more people will be aware of the potential value of personal medical data and join the system.

(1) Public data, case data published by medical institutions, etc
(2) Private data, such as personal health data
(3) Data that has permission to share

Personalized medical customization service

GMA allows third parties to customize the integrator access platform as a solution. By flexibly calling the medical resources in the ecosystem,GMA can select the most suitable medical solutions for patients from a wide range of service providers around the world.

GMA has been developing

GMA has been continuously improving the layout of the ecological development and growth,and will provide a complete global medical service solution in the future.
Free medical
Some free medical consultations are available to users
Health insurance
Medical insurance services are an important part of the GMA ecosystem
Disease crowd funding
GMA crowdfunding will help more people tide over the difficulties

Our Journey

White paper publish initial token offering kick off APP development
Launch Token APP
Build out Token eco-system
Support more use cases such as CrowdFund for cures

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