About the GMA Project

What is GMA ?

The Global Medical Alliance (GMA) is a distributed medical ecosystem based on blockchain technology:

〝Different from traditional centralized medical institutions, GMA makes full use of block chain technology and certification economic model ton realize a global comprehensive medical information service platform with high availability, safety and efficiency, enabling each participant to gain ecological benefits〞

By introducing and integrating multi-participants in the healthcare industry, including hospitals, clinics, pharmaceutical companies, research institutes, insurance companies, etc, establish a reasonable certificate-based incentive system, and use the transparency and security features of blockchain for multi-party data authorization sharing. So that every user can enjoy the world's high-quality medical and financial services, and the service providers can reach the most suitable customer group, thus promoting the healthy development of the whole ecology.

Technology implementation and platform architecture

GMA's platform architecture is divided into three layers: core layer, service layer and application layer:

  • Core layer provides the lowest level of support, which is built on the Ethereum blockchain network and the IPFS storage network.
  • Service layer serves as a bridge between the core layer and the upper layer application. Through the encapsulation of the underlying network, a series of API interfaces are carefull designed and opened.
  • Upper layer applications can easily call blockchain network resources; Interact with the application.

GMA provides underlying logic operations and funding settlement support for the service and application layers by designing, writing, and deploying a range of related smart contracts. The service layer wraps the core layer and provides a set of SDKs for developers to use.

GMA is a service platform with rich content and multiple application scenarios.

  • Android & IOS APP-Mobile app, providing services anytime, anywhere
  • Medical consultation platform-You can follow the latest medical knowledge and development in the world through GMA
  • Personal file management-You can upload your health file and we will give you the appropriate health analysis.