Meet the GMA Team

We are a global team of experienced and professional scientists, engineers,
venture capitalists and industry experts.

Development Team

Bryce Martin
CEO, GMA Platform architect
Cofouunder, Chinese American, has a number of medical institutions, run family businesses, involving in the pharmaceutical and entertainment industries
Anuj Doiphode
CTO, Gabelan professor of computer science at the university of southern California
Elliot Davy
COO, A computer science graduate from Tennessee state university, he worked in marketing with Geek Squad
Nicholas Steele
Market analyst, Responsible for market analysis at Point72
Dan Feldman
Data analyst, A doctoral candidate in computer science at Caltech, he was in charge of data analysis at RESCI
Kyle Britner
Social media analyst, graduated from urmston grammar school and worked in social media at UKFast
llya Kupchenko
Front-end engineer, Graduated from viterbi school of engineering, worked in Web development at Upwork
Faiz Ansari
Technology development, Graduated from northridge California state university
Johnathan Louie
Technology development


Karl-Walter Jauch
LMU hospital director, professor of medicine
Liang Deng
Dermatologist, specializing in skin cancer, including melanoma, hereditary skin diseases, drug allergic reactions, treatment-induced skin poisoning, and skin infections in immunocompromised individuals
Japan さ い た ま memorial hospital dean, ibaraki 県 appointed honorary President of the central hospital, Japan surgery surgical director of the society and experts, the digestive internal medicine, intestines and stomach cancer surgery, bile pancreatic surgery, and other fields have a senior attainments
Donald Lee
Doctor of orthotpedics, Anti-aging expert. He has served in the American academy of anti-aging medicine, the European society for quality of life and longevity and the international association of hormonal medicine
Professor and doctoral supervisor, currently vice President of jiangsu hospital of integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine (jiangsu branch of Chinese academy of traditional Chinese medicine, jiangsu research institute of traditional Chinese medicine), and chief physician of endocrinology department. He is a member of the Asian and oceanian thyroid society (AOTA) and chairman of the AOTA academic committee
State council government subsidies recipients, the ministry of health has made outstanding contributions to the young and middle-aged experts. His main research direction is diagnosis and treatment of fungal infection. He used to be the director of the department of dermatovenereal diseases of the first hospital of Peking University, the director of the prevention and treatment center of dermatovenal diseases of Peking University, and the deputy director of the research center of fungi and mycosis